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Jason James, Winemaker

Roots & Education

James discovered his passion for the grape after receiving an Honours degree in Biology at the University of Guelph and his Certificate in Oenology and Viticulture in 2001 from Brock University in his home province of Ontario. His scientific expertise underpins a deep-rooted passion for the craft of wine.

In 2004, James became winemaker for both Thomas & Vaughan and Eastdell Estates with a production of 12,000 cases. But, the call from the West was irresistible.

A New Craft

Guided by the expertise of Jason James, Black Sage Vineyard™ marked a defining moment in 2010, stepping out as a distinct label from its origin under Sumac Ridge Winery. Jason James reflects, “It was an exciting process to see the transformation of something that had always been a part of Sumac to stand on its own. It focuses the consumer’s attention on wines that maybe they hadn’t explored in the past. The wines from Black Sage had always been great – I wanted to take them to the next level.”

Under James' direction, each vintage at Black Sage Vineyard™ has been a journey of continuous refinement, consistently elevating the wine's quality.

It’s still a thrill: the promise of a vintage even better than the last; the chance to change the style, or to improve from last year’s triumphs.

- Jason James

Crafting a Legacy

James has been instrumental in refining our identity, bringing to life the rich potential of the vineyard's sun-drenched, rugged terroir.

Crafting wines that are a testament to the valley's unique character and his own masterful touch, James celebrates the vineyard's storied vines, each year capturing the robust essence of the Valley in unparalleled vintages.



In each bottle, experience the masterful blend of rugged terroir and refined winemaking by Jason James, encapsulating a bold spirit for those who seek unparalleled experiences and a taste that transcends the ordinary.

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